With young kids in my house, clothes get stained. What kind of stains? Food, grass, dirt, mustard, blood…name the stain, I’ve seen it. Most stains don’t come out in the wash, so I’m constantly throwing clothes away. After a while it starts to get expensive.  So what’s the alternative? Either my kids and husband stop making messes (never happen) or I’ll have to find a stain remover that really works.

I’ve tried all the stain sticks and laundry additives you see in the stores and on late night TV. They all work to a certain degree. 

My friend found a new product at The Home Depot called Outrageous by Rejuvenate. She claims it works very well.

After trying Outrageous for a couple weeks, my friend was exactly right.  It’s the best stain remover and laundry pre-treater I’ve tried.  It does everything it claims and gets out very tough stains.  Red Clay, grass, dirt, blood, wine, juices, oil, grease…just about everything.  My question was this:  What does this stain remover have that the other’s don’t?  I’m not sure, but it’s an advanced formula that works, and it works very well.

So how does it work? It’s pretty easy to use. Like many other stain removers, you pour it on the stain, rub it in and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. It comes out of the laundry looking really good. I did have a few really bad stains that needed a second application of Outrageous, but only for the really bad stains. And those stains came out after the second application.

Some stain removers and laundry pre-treaters work, but this one really works. I’ve already recommended this product to my friends and family.

Get it online at www.rejuvenateproducts.com or at Home Depot.